EnergyLandia, the biggest amusement park in Poland

EnergyLandia, located in Zator, is the biggest amusement park in Poland, offering an impressive number of rides and attractions on an area of nearly 90 acres, designed for all age groups.


With its 15 roller coasters, EnergyLandia is the amusement park with the highest number of roller coasters in Europe. In addition to the large range of attractions, the amusement park also offers a water park, organizes several festivals and a spectacular stunt show with cars and motorcycles.


The amusement park is divided in different themed zones, each one with its own style and story. Every zone is dressed up with fantastic decors consisting of decorative facades, artificial rocks and art objects.





"Aqualantis" for example, is built around the ruins of a kingdom that was hidden for centuries at the bottom of the ocean by a giant wave. The "Dragon Zone" with its "Dragon Castle" (Smogzy Gród) shines with an impressive entrance gate and its several meters high city walls.



The theming of the facades and decors was assigned by EnergyLandia to Prestigio Art, a contractor specialized in creating concrete decors.


For large projects such as EnergyLandia, performance and efficiency are key and it is extremely important to choose the right product. Our local distributor Greenside, played an important role in this and presented the Cantillana Gunit Form 15 XC to the management of Energylandia.


Gunit Form 15 XC is a decorative modelling mortar that is used for creating decors, artificial rocks, landscapes, caves, climbing walls, etc. In order to obtain a look that is as realistic as possible, the decors are then tinted and given a patina.


For the water park with swimming pools and water roller coasters, an alternative spray mortar, Gunit Form 15 XA, was used because of its high resistance to chlorinated water.


EnergyLandia continues to expand and we are proud that Cantillana with the Gunit Form modelling mortars can be part of it!