Types of Plasters
The possibilities with exterior wall plasters (sometimes referred to as “crepi”) are many, whether we are dealing with renovations or new construction. A decorative plaster not only makes your façade attractive, but also offers an extra layer of protection on your walls. We distinguish between three groups of plasters on the basis of their composition.

Cement-based Plasters

Cement-based plasters (the Granicem range) provide a matte, natural appearance to the façade. Under the right circumstances, these plasters can be applied directly to the substrate so that small irregularities are covered below the surface. If you achieve a certain thickness or greater these mineral-based plasters can provide waterproofing protection. Furthermore they are very durable and are known for their capacity for breathability.

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Resin-based Decorative Plaster

For a smooth, level and uniform wall surface, your best choice is for a resin-based decorative plaster (the Granol®, Granosil® and Decor® ranges). These offer excellent resistance to the effects of weather. They are water-resistant and therefore do not take in moisture. This makes them less susceptible to contamination by mould or algae. The Decor range is characterised by the marble structure inherent in the plaster that gives it a special aesthetic effect.

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Lime-based Plasters

The lime-based plasters (Tradi'chaux range) have been specially developed for renovation and restoration applications. They respect the timeless look of your building, as their composition is compatible with older materials from which classic façades are made.

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Addressing cracks

Crack repair without insulation

An extra layer of reinforcement and reinforcement mesh can do wonders for an exterior wall with crack damage. Your façade will have better protection than ever before. With a new finish layer, your creativity can be given free reign.

Crack repair with insulation

External wall insulation systems offer you the best solution to not only better protect a wall that has cracks, but also to also achieve optimal insulation.

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Resolving problems with algae, mould and other contaminants


Algae, mould and other contaminants such as soot result in an undesirable appearance of your home. Cantillana offers a series of products that work in both a preventative and curative manner.

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A new coat of paint can make a dirty exterior wall look shiny and new and also give your home a brand new look.

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In order to avoid these kinds of problems, Cantillana has developed a self-cleaning plaster. Thanks to its special binding agents with hydrophobic characteristics, our self-cleaning plaster will make sure that your home will not only be better protected against pollutants but that your façade will clean itself every time it rains. When the rain falls on it, the drops of water that cascade down the surface take the dirt particles with them.